Red Label Santa Maria Style Seasoning

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Add authentic Santa Maria style flavor to any dish with our red label Santa Maria style seasoning - which delivers a more prevalent salt note than our original blend and contains no added MSG.

Our “red label”, MSG-free Santa Maria seasoning, inspired by our passion for regional cooking, is a unique blend of cracked black pepper, pure earth salts and California grown garlic and parsley.


This versatile seasoning will transform any savory recipe into a family-favorite. Use as a dry rub for grilling meats or chicken, add a pinch to pasta, soups, sauces and vegetables to add a punch of flavor, or add some zing to snacks by sprinkling it onto popcorn, cottage cheese or cream cheese.

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Family Approved!
Written by J.C. on Jul 1st 2019

We love how Susie Q brings out the flavors of just about anything. My family loves this seasoning. We are never without it. Even when we travel it comes along.

Santa Maria Style Seasoning
Written by Cari on Oct 30th 2018

This is my everything seasoning. And I cook all of the time. Meats, veggies sauces...you name it, I use it on it or in it.

Written by Elise on Feb 6th 2018

I have been using Susie Q's Santa Maria Style Seasoning for over 10 years. I love it so much, I named my dog Suzie after it and gave it out as a favor for my wedding. I use it on everything from eggs to meat to vegetables. I also give it as a gift often and everyone always orders it again. It is the best!

Red Label Santa Maria seasoning
Written by Kyle on Jan 30th 2018

It's a great blend! I use it on beef, eggs, chicken, pork. It adds, as well as accentuates the flavor of what you put it on.

The best Seasoning EVER
Written by Renee on Dec 26th 2017

Last year while visiting family in Santa Maria, we pulled over to a fruit stand and saw this seasoning. We bought two to try. This is the number one seasoning we use in the house. We love it so much we bought the huge refill, have a bottle in our camper and one in the house.

Makes Everything Better!
Written by Kristin on Oct 9th 2017

We moved from blue label to the red label, and it tastes the same without the MSG! After living in California and moving to Washington, this one one of the things I missed. I order it annually for just about everything we BBQ, broil, and bake. There is no substitute. This Santa Maria Style Seasoning is a household must.

Santa Maria Style Seasoning
Written by Teresa on Sep 15th 2017

I can't find this product on local shelves, so I order on line. This is one of those ingredients that is a must-have, go-to seasoning. I use it on fish, steak, chicken, pork and even quail. I also use this Santa Maria style seasoning in my egg pickling.

Red Label Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Donny Carter on Aug 1st 2017

Been using Santa Maria seasoning for years. I switched to the Red Label as they removed the MSG which gives some people headachs. Great stuff these products. Will continue to use for many more years.

Written by Tammy Los on Jul 31st 2017

This santa maria seasoning goes great with so many things. It is awesome, my friends request it and it is great to give as a gift. Love it!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Israel Andrade on Jul 15th 2017

After being introduced to Santa Maria seasoning a little over a year ago I have been absolutely in love with it. Use it on just about everything. Will continue to buy it whenever my supply runs out. great stuff!

love this santa maria seasoning
Written by Brian on Jul 13th 2017

love this red label no msg santa maria seasoning, I use it on everything, eggs, popcorn, meats, and vegetables.

The Best Seasoning EVER
Written by Carly on Jun 12th 2017

I've been using Susie Q's since my Mother In Law lived in Santa Maria in the late 90's and got me hooked on it! She moved so it's harder for me to get easily but I'll never stop using this seasoning on EVERYTHING I make... steak, chicken, pork, seafood, eggs, potatoes and veggies! It's even the "secret" ingredient in my fresh salsa. Love my Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning!

Best seasoning ever!!!
Written by Shauna on Jun 2nd 2017

I'm in love with Susie Q! I can't go a day without it. Been shaking it on everything for 4 years. I carry a shaker of Santa Maria style seasoning wherever I go. I have gotten some friends hooked onto it now too. Don't stop what you're doing!

Written by undefined on Apr 18th 2016

I originally had this on steak. After several years of using this seasoning, I use this on everything, meats, vegetables, gravies,, scrambled eggs, ect. It is my go to seasoning to use along side my other spices, yum!

Written by undefined on Apr 4th 2016

Best spice ever

The Only Seaoning I Use
Written by Cari Fawcett on Mar 18th 2016

I have been using this for about 4 years. I use this seasoning on steaks, in soups, on my vegetable. There actually is not a thing I don't use it on. I give it a way as gifts and I have my friends and family reordering it now. Love it!!!

Best seasoning ever
Written by Betty W. Idaho on Jan 21st 2016

I have been using SusieQ seasoning now for around 6 years. I love the flavor it adds to meats. Never used it on vegetables, but will definitely try it. It's well worth the cost.

no MSG added to blend
Written by Helen on Jan 5th 2016

Love this seasoning blend. I've tried in on vegetables, salads, cottage cheese, in dips, casseroles and baked potatoes. Shipping cost are high but the products are worth it for the quality.

The very best seasoning
Written by Brian on Jan 1st 2016

I love this garlic, I just wish I lived close enough to buy it at a store then ordering online and paying way to much for shipping.

mmm good !
Written by dane on Dec 26th 2015

Santa Maria style seasoning is the best.

Written by Bob Fewkes on Dec 26th 2015

We use this product in a number of ways both in home use and in our catering bussiness.

The 1st spice I reach for
Written by Vicky Gammill on Sep 2nd 2015

Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning is the very first seasoning I reach for when I am cooking....and it doesn't matter what is on the menu! I absolutely love this seasoning for every kind of meat, beans, vegetables. It literally makes everything taste so much better that when I got busy and didn't realize I had run out of it, I didn't cook for 5 days while I was waiting for it to be delivered! I won't run out again!

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