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Susie Q's

Susie Q's Seasoning Gift Pack

Susie Q's Seasoning Gift Pack

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The perfect gift for someone who loves Susie Q's seasoning. Our refillable stainless steel metal shaker paired with your choice of any 22oz refill bag of Susie Q's Santa Maria Style Seasoning. That's enough seasoning to fill the high quality metal shaker more than four times!

A handsome coordinated kraft carrier makes an impact presenting these products, along with a ribbon-tied gift tag that can be left blank or allow us to hand write your message, putting a finishing touch on the ultimate gift from the Santa Maria Valley.

Choose from Susie Q's original (blue label) Santa Maria Style Seasoning, or our other ingredient variations with the same delicious flavor profile. Our red label seasoning is MSG-free. Instead we use mushroom powder to add the distinctive umami flavor component. Our pink label seasoning is sugar free, using organic stevia to add that subtle sweetness to balance with the salt and garlic flavors.

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