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Santa Maria Style Seasoning Shots

Santa Maria Style Seasoning Shots

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Bring authentic Santa Maria Style flavors anywhere with Susie Q's Seasoning Shots. Use instead of salt and pepper for a bold, zesty taste on all meats, vegetables, salads, soups, pasta and eggs.

Inspired by our long-time family friend, Randy, who loyally carries a shaker of our seasoning to restaurants around the world, each easy-open packet is pre-filled with the perfect amount of seasoning for one dish, plus a little extra to share.

These single-serve Santa Maria Style Seasoning Shots are available in a 10 shot tin, 25 shot box and 100 shot bulk bag in blue, red and pink label variants. We also have a mixed variety sampler 12 pack available. 

Our original blue label seasoning is the same blend we've shared for decades. The red label seasoning has a similar flavor profile, but is made without MSG for individuals with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. The pink label variety replaces the small amount of cane sugar with stevia. 

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