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Santa Maria pinquito beans are unique to the Central Coast of California and our delicious beans are grown on local farms in the Santa Maria Valley and even on our own nearby family ranch. These firm, round, pink beans are an essential ingredient for authentic Santa Maria cuisine and create the perfect, mouthwatering side dish, to any meal.

An essential side dish for Santa Maria Style Barbecue

The distinctive taste of these versatile beans will add flavor to any meal, especially when paired with our unique Pinquito bean seasoning - an aromatic blend of mild red chili, onion, garlic and select spices.

Use pinquito beans as an alternative to white or red beans for chili or soups, add cooked beans to beef up to nachos, bean dips, rice and salads, or use as a delicious side dish for anything you can cook up on the barbeque.

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The Best
Written by Gary Rick on Feb 9th 2016

My family enjoys these beans absent any seasoning. The broth is like soup. We have been enjoying them across generations in Ventura

Unique Product
Written by Jon Fowler on Feb 4th 2016

This is the only place I know of where you can find pinquito beans if you don't live in California. They're always consistent.

Love these beans!
Written by undefined on Jan 15th 2016

I haven't used this for some time, holding off till superbowl weekend to make them again! So looking forward to enjoying them!

pinquito's are the best
Written by Helen on Jan 5th 2016

Finally found my favorite beans and the perfect seasoning. Thank you

Far Western Beans!
Written by John on Dec 12th 2015

I grew up hating these beans, but came to love them as I got older. Not only are they a main stay of a scrumptious Santa Maria Style BBQ, they are go well on saltine crackers for a late night snack!

Written by Roger P. Mabee on Nov 26th 2015

Love serving these to folks that have never been to the Central Coast. Like in my review of the Pinquito Seasoning, go off script by adding linguisa or ground meat in with maybe some green chilies. Makes get Santa Maria Style Hot Dogs: Pinquitos, Dogs, Onion and Cheese. Yum!

Written by Bruce Halverson on Oct 5th 2015

Just like I remember from 35 years ago. Good product, good service, fair price.

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