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Bulk Pinquito Beans

Bulk Pinquito Beans

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Santa Maria pinquito beans are unique to the Central Coast of California and our delicious beans are grown on local farms in the Santa Maria Valley and even on our own nearby family ranch. These firm, round, pink beans are a key component of authentic Santa Maria cuisine and create the perfect, mouthwatering side dish, to any meal.

A Santa Maria Style Barbecue Staple

The distinctive taste of these versatile beans will add flavor to any meal, especially when paired with our unique Pinquito bean seasoning - an aromatic blend of mild red chili, onion, garlic and select spices. Use pinquito beans as an alternative to white or red beans for chili or soups, add cooked beans to beef up to nachos, bean dips, rice and salads, or use as a delicious side dish for anything you can cook up on the barbeque.

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Customer Reviews

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Instant pot

I lived in Santa Maria for 50 years and moved to Texas ,so glad I can order Pinquito beans from home. I now make them vegetarian in the instant pot 2 cups beans 6 cups liquid inc tomatoes,hatch chilies and onion, cumin ,chili powder ,pepper and a little salt, 60 min and so good

Dan F.
Where To Buy Pinquito Beans

Susie Q consistently delivers bulk Pinquito Beans for my Santa Maria style catering business. Love supporting this family business!

Santa Maria (Pinquito) Beans

Beans, beans, the magical food—the more you eat, the better you feel!
I am so happy to have found Susie Q’s on the internet. No more trips to Santa Maria to buy ten pounds of the local beans. On our last trip in 2016, there was a shortage of beans and we had to visit many markets to finally find some.

I usually cook a pound of beans for several hours with my favorite spices and freeze some in glass containers. The beans stay whole and are delicious. I serve the beans with a salad for dinner.

Susie Q’s, thank you for providing us with high quality Santa Maria beans at an affordable price. I have to make another batch as we ate the last ones this week. Lise S.

Amazing Beans

The flavor on these are better than any other beans I've tried. Other beans depend a lot on what you season them with. These don't need much to shine. The seasoning blend they provide is great, plus a bay leaf and maybe some bacon and you're set.

Gary Rick
The Best

My family enjoys these beans absent any seasoning. The broth is like soup. We have been enjoying them across generations in Ventura