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Santa Maria Style BBQ Essentials Gift Pack

Santa Maria Style BBQ Essentials Gift Pack

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The perfect gift to introduce someone to the authentic flavors of Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

This gift pack includes a shaker of Santa Maria Style Seasoning, a complete Pinquito Bean Kit and bag of California Red Oak Chips in a recyclable gift box. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sheri Richter
Amazing seasoning!

I have used Susie Q seasoning on just about everything….meat, eggs, pasta, vegetables, etc. I even carry some in my purse so I can use it at restaurants. Even recipes that call for salt and pepper I use the seasoning instead.

Gil Kibby
A longtime fan!

Graduated from Righetti H.S in 1972, and over the years, when I came back to Santa Maria to visit my folks, I always managed to find Susi-Q seasoning. When I attended my 50 year reunion, imagine my delight to discover the local Costco carried my favorite Tri-tip seasoning. As I now live too far away to resupply on a regular basis, this website is a boon to my year-round BBQ needs. I have been inviting friends and family to experience Santa Maria style tri-tip for many years and Susie-Q is an integral, essential requirement. I am also particularly pleased that red oak wood chips and pinquito beans are available to enhance this experience. I was sad to hear the Far Western is no longer in Guadalupe, as I have recommended it to many friends and acquaintances over the years, as one of the greatest steakhouses in the world. God bless Santa Maria cattle ranches, grass-fed beef and Susie-Q seasoning. Thankyou Susan. -Gil K.


I moved to Hawaii 35 years ago and as much as I love the food here, I missed Tri-tip BBQ. I’ve been ordering Susie Q and Pinto beans in bulk and stuffing our suitcases full when we return to Santa Maria for a visit. Somehow we ended up have a standing Sunday night dinner at our house for about 12 to 15 people, and tri-tip BBQ with all the sides is the favorite meal for everyone!
We now use Susie Q seasoning on most BBQ’d and roasted meats.

David Bertoli
Texas to California

I got my start in the bbq world in central Texas where there are so many wonderful places to eat. My world was briskets galore and to be perfectly honest I didn’t even know what a tri tip was!
Ten years later I’m residing in Northern California and can’t find large brisket. Friends started telling me about tri tip and with a bit of investigation I was learning about Santa Maria style BBQ. Now it became more personal as my grandmother had lived and graduated high school in Santa Maria.
I built my own Santa Maria style grill from scrap metal and delivery truck parts and Susie Q’s has added so much enjoyment to my summers. I wish I had my grandma’s SM high school graduation photo in the picture but it was lost with wildfires in 2017. But hey I still have the memories and many more bbq’s to go!!

Terry Reeder
One of a Kind!

We've been using Suzie Q's seasoning for years and it is the BEST! We use the Original Seasoning Blend on just about everything, including Beef, Pork, Lamb, Fish, Vegetables, Scrambled Eggs and more. We even buy her Pinquito Beans when we want a special treat. We use the seasonings so often that we even purchased Suzie Q's little seasoning shaker, just for convenience. It's nice to know that we can have a little bit of Santa Maria any time we wish, right at home!