Sherry Citrus Rib Glaze

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size: 2.75 W × 4.75 H × 3.00 L

Our Sherry Citrus Rib Glaze bursts with fresh citrus and sherry flavors that evoke images of grilling under a sunny California sky. Opening the jar, a mouth watering aroma of sherry wine is apparent, but cooks off on the grill as the flavor softens to a delicious fruitiness with notes of orange.

The ultimate complement to baby back ribs and more

Use our citrus glaze as a baste for ribs, chicken, pork salmon, shrimp or other seafood.

Brush the glaze on before grilling and add a layer during the last half of cooking for a light crisp layer. Add a sprinkle of Santa Maria style seasoning for extra flavor.

One jar will glaze approximately six racks of baby back ribs.

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