Original Santa Maria Seasoning

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There’s a reason this authentic Santa Maria seasoning is our #1 selling product. It’s the essential ingredient for anyone whose passion is regional cooking, as well as a pantry staple that enhances the flavors of almost any food.

Our “blue label” original Susie Q’s Santa Maria Seasoning is a well balanced blend that rounds out on the palate without being salty or strong flavored. We use the highest quality ingredients to craft our seasonings, including California grown garlic, cracked black pepper, the purest earth salts and fresh parsley.


While professional grill masters rely on Susie Q’s for their Santa Maria Tri Tip seasoning, you can use this all-purpose seasoning to transform any savory food into an unforgettable dish.

A pinch of seasoning will add a punch of flavor to sauces, soups, pasta and vegetables. Add a sprinkle to liven up butter, cream cheese, sour cream or cottage cheese. Use it as an authentic Santa Maria tri tip rub, but great for grilling, roasting or otherwise cooking any meat, including chicken. Use it instead of salt to create amazing Santa Maria style popcorn for your next movie-night in.

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Best Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by John Hunt on Jul 1st 2022

I grew up in Santa Maria and I have moved away in the 90's. Moved all over the country and have had a lot of food. NOTHING comes close to the original seasoning. I love to see other places say we have Santa Maria tri tip on the menu. so I have to try it and then I'm so disappointed. I then talk to the manager's and give them some of my travel packs to try and they are so shocked. They then have to order the real deal. You cant make this up in your restaurant or home. Its the base to all my cooking and when other try it they make it the base of theirs as well. I would make trips back home to get it and buy out the place but mail order is a GREAT thing now. Thank you for keeping such a great recipe going. ITS THE BEST!

Best Seasoning around
Written by Randall Lee Schortzmann on Jun 30th 2022

This is the best seasoning available for any type of food. We use it on meat, vegetables, casserole's, eggs anything you can think of. Wouldn't go anywhere without it.

Keep the good stuff going
Written by JOHN PEREZ on Jun 29th 2022

I have to say that the Blue Label Santa Maria Seasoning and the Pinquito Beans are the best...exceptionally unique in taste and quality for foods products. I've been using/eating these products every since I lived in Lompoc and Santa Maria.. It's hard to convince anyone of a product unless they've tasted it and once that happens, they're hooked...like me. It's great stuff and you can't go wrong with these products. Keep the good stuff going...makes life better.

Susie Q is the best
Written by John P on Jun 29th 2022

Susie Q's Blue Label Santa Maria Seasoning and Pinquito Beans are the best and most unique among food products. It's hard to explain to anyone else how they must try your products unless they've tasted the real deal and once that happens, they're hooked. It's great on many food choices, far too many to mention. I've known that since I lived in Lompoc and Santa Maria for twenty years....and I still have to stock up on the good stuff in fear of running out....Heaven Forbid. Let that never happen. You're the best.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Vicki West on Jun 29th 2022

I have used this seasoning forever! I’m guessing I’ve used it for close to 20 years. Any recipe that calls for garlic, garlic powder, or garlic salt, I use Santa Maria instead. My son’s friend took a trip to California wine country just recently, and came back telling about this amazing seasoning, so my son asked what it was……Susie Q’s Santa Maria Seasoning. My son said, “Oh, my mom has been using that my whole life,” and sent him a picture of the original shaker in my cabinet!

Good ol Susie q's
Written by Dale Lundin on Jun 28th 2022

I have been using Susie q's for many years in many dishes and especially for bbqing. It is my favorite seasoning for cooking with.

Love It!
Written by Sara on Jun 28th 2022

We use this seasoning on meats, grilled vegetables, in soups, you name it. Makes everything better!

All I'll Use!
Written by Jen Vallejo on Jun 28th 2022

Susie Q's Santa Maria Blue Label Seasoning is the best. I'm very particular about seasoning and don't like a lot of them but I tried this and now it is all I'll have. It works well on chicken, pork, beef, potatoes, popcorn and even in mac & cheese. We use it when making the meat and sauce for spaghetti too. It's got a nice taste to it, not too spicy but flavorful. My husband may alternate his food with other spices but he too always comes back to Santa Maria Blue Label Seasoning. It's a winner and we've been using it for probably a good 15-20 years at least. You can't go wrong with this seasoning.

Nothing compares!
Written by Dennis Patton on Jun 27th 2022

I was introduced to Santa Maria Original Seasoning in 2003 and have used it to flavor up so many types of food, whether they be at home, work, potlucks, cookouts, you name it - when used just right, i’ve gotten so many compliments on many of the foods that I’ve cooked up. I’ve used it on all red meats, pork, chicken, pretty much any kind of fish, baked potatoes veggies and most recently at a cookout at local river here in Japan, fresh squid & shrimp. Misted with a soy sauce and vinegar mix then dusted with Santa Maria Original Seasoning, it made that ocean between coasts of Japan and California not seem so big. It was an instant hit! Just as it was as a seasoning on edamame. Thanks again Susie Q for this delicious seasoning.

Written by Chris Barnes on Jun 27th 2022

Santa Maria seasoning is the best. Been using it for years.

Easily the best
Written by Daniel on Jun 27th 2022

I've been using Susie Q for over two decades and it's easily the best seasoning I have used and can be used on anything. From grill / roasted meats to pizza, this works great on everything. Great salt replacement for sure!

Susie Q
Written by John Woods on Jun 27th 2022

Simply the Best...I've enjoyed the taste of Susie Q for decades...Growing up in Southern California I was first introduced to the excellent flavor of Susie Q at several BBQ's my parents took me to...Since then, I have continued to use Susie Q on Chicken, Steak and Ribs...When I transferred to the Southeast with the Army in 1983, Susie Q was no where to be found...So, I would order several containers at a time...As a Certified BBQ Judge, I've tasted numerous Rubs and Sauces the Pros use...But, nothing compares to Susie Q...I use it on Baby Back Ribs in the Smoker and there's not one Rib left at my BBQs...Now, I live in Florida and have enlightened numerous people to the great taste of Susie Q...Keep up the good work...

Susie Q Seasoning - Original
Written by Michael Kraus on Jun 27th 2022

I can not say enough about this seasoning. I have been using it for the last 12 years and is wonderful. Good product, great value for the cost. Highly recommend it

Best Seasoning!
Written by Vicky on Jun 27th 2022

Love this seasoning. I grew up with this and use it on everything!

Blue Lable Seasoning
Written by Keith Snow on Jun 27th 2022

Ever since the Wife discovered this product, our family has used nothing else for many years. Simply the most versatile and the most flavorful!

Simply Magic
Written by April Roeseler on Jun 27th 2022

So happy I discovered Susie Q seasoning. It makes everything taste good, but is especially wonderful on tri-tip and salmon. We always pack it when we travel and know we will be cooking.

Can’t live without it!
Written by Sarah H on Jun 27th 2022

This is a staple in our house! I have been using this seasoning for 20 years… we use on quite literally everything from meat to veggies. Also a favorite hostess or Christmas gift…. Can’t go wrong!

LOVE Original Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Megan on Jun 27th 2022

Buy it! We have been using this for years and years. Almost anything that hits the grill gets a dusting of this stuff. Tri-tip, steaks, chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs...you get the idea. It's also great in batter or flour you'd use for frying, like fried chicken or fried zucchini. Some seasonings are too chunky and fall/rub off. This has good sticking power. My kids love and I love it on some buttered popcorn too. Can't go wrong. I give it to people as a gift. Love it.

Revved up garlic salt
Written by Vince on Jun 27th 2022

This is my secret weapon that makes people ask, "What did you put on this?" If you like garlic salt, this is the best you're going to find! Originally designed as a dry rub for tri tip, it's great on everything - veggies, eggs, salmon, shrimp, chicken, chili, etc.

Original SantaMarie Seasoning
Written by Linda Hense on Jun 27th 2022

Fabulous! I was introduced to this by friends and it is my go to seasoning for everything. Love it on roasted vegetables. Everyone that tastes it makes awesome remarks. Highly recommend!

Customer For 30+ Years
Written by Alan Hanson on Jun 26th 2022

Hello Susie Q! I learned of your product about 30 years ago when I took a position where I spent a lot of time on the Central Coast. One of my fondest memories was attending luncheons at Cal Poly, where the Architectural Engineering (ARCE) department would do tri-tip BBQ's as a fundraiser. They would GENEROUSLY season the meat with Susie Q's, so I started buying it at local grocery stores and took it back home to L.A., where I'd use it on meat (obviously), but also on vegetables, seafood, Italian dishes, almost anything that needed a savory seasoning. Since I retired I order it by mail, it works perfectly! Best wishes, Alan Hanson

The Greatest Seasoning you can buy
Written by Gary Myers on Jun 24th 2022

I have been a fan of Susie Q Seasoning for more than 35 years. We found our first package of Susie Q seasoning on a trip to the Oceano Dunes at a local market. I have always enjoyed the Santa Maria Style of BBQ and when I found this seasoning my thought was why not try a local product. WOW I was blown away by the taste, the sea air and with the BBQ going this seasoning on everything set the tone for the whole trip and the many others that followed. On our twice yearly trips we would buy as much Susie Q that we could find, for our self and to share with friends and family. I introduced this great seasoning to untold amount of others, all have raved about its great taste. It has been my go to seasoning for everything that I grill and almost everything that I cook. The shaker is always close by and one never leaves the RV. A dash of Susie Q in that Bloody Mary on the beach in the morning establishes the mood for the day. I have tried many seasonings over the years and Susie Q is by far the best one I have found and this will be my seasoning of choice forever. Many thanks to the Righetti Family for sharing this seasoning with us all.

Written by Paul Aviles on Jun 22nd 2022

I have been a susie Q customer for at least 30 years. Some changes have been made by the company since then. But the product remains high quality.

Must Have
Written by Carrie A. on Jun 21st 2022

My bonus mom introduced us to Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning years ago. It has become a must-have in my kitchen and my daughter's kitchen too. My brother in law also likes to cook with it. We use it on beef, chicken, eggs, and vegetables. Good stuff! Serious yummage.

original seasoning
Written by beverly patrick on Jun 21st 2022

In the early 2000, we were working near santa maria, in Nipomo, CA and we ate at a restaurant called Jocko's. It had the best food and we asked what seasoning they used and it was Susie Q's seasoning from Santa Maria We were hooked on this seasoning and when we moved to TN, we ordered it continuously and now live in FL and continue using it We only use the original one

Best seasoning hands down
Written by Deana Sylvester on Jun 21st 2022

I was introduced to this seasoning by my husband who grow up in the Santa Maria area. I first had it on some Tri Tip he made and it was melt in your mouth delicious. I used it for anything now from Tri tip to our eggs in the morning. We always make sure we have a bottle or two in the cupboard at all times.

Truly the best Santa Maria seasoning.
Written by Margaret on Jun 19th 2022

I use this Santa Maria Seasoning on everything I cook. Truly the best seasoning.

Written by Lou on Jun 18th 2022

While serving in the Air Force, my wife and I were stationed at Vandenberg AFB during the 80's and fell-in-love with not only Central California but also the Santa Maria Tri-Tip BBQ. Now retired in Texas, I have managed to find Tri-Tip but not the "right seasoning" until now ... thank you Susie Q's. This Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning is exceptional, a perfect blend of herbs and spices and is simply the very best not only for Tri-Tip but also for any cut-of-beef, poultry, or vegetable you grill - I refuse to use any other seasoning on my Tri-Tip.

Written by Lila on Jun 17th 2022

Your seasoning reminds me of my Dad’s seasoning mix, I use it on everything. Don’t change a thing.

Hands-down Best Santa Maria Seasoning There is!
Written by Kathy Nelson on Jun 17th 2022

I've been using Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning since I was introduced to it by a friend about 20 years ago. Of course I love it on tri-tip, but my seared salmon with Susie Q's is a family favorite. My husband was recently in Santa Maria so I told him to be sure to pick some up while he was there, but he ended up buying a different brand by mistake. It was horrible! Way too salty and didn't have the same flavor notes at all. I ended up throwing it out. I'll never use another brand!

You've Found IT!
Written by Jean Homan on Jun 17th 2022

Look no more. This is the perfect seasoning for just about EVERYTHING. It is my husband's go-to for tri-tip. It's so good, it is his speciality grill for EVERY family gathering. I can't tell you how many people have snapped pictures of the bottle with their cell phones. They want to know what he used and how they can get some of their own. We also use it on chicken and grilled vegetables. You just sprinkle it on and BOOM! The flavor combo is just right. Not too salty.. not too garlicky. You can't go wrong unless you skip this recommendation. Why waste any more time and money on sub-par food? It's time. GET SOME!

Susie Q Santa Maria Spice
Written by Christopher Scott Swink on Jun 17th 2022

My cousin introduced us to Susie Q’s Santa Maria spice over 20 years ago crusted over and marinated within Tri Tip. Since then, we have been using Susie Q’s Santa Maria spice as our go-to seasoning for just about everything. Best on red meat it’s also transforms chicken and some vegetables to new heights! We live in North Carolina and order a refill for us once a year, but make sure we we send some to a friend or two so we can change their world also.

Absolutely makes the best tri-tip!
Written by Dan Salyer on Jun 16th 2022

I've used this for many years. I get amazing results and tons of compliments on the tri-tip. It never fails. Awesome product. Great consistency. Goes well with all beers, potatos and believe it or not..scrambled eggs.

Written by Will K on Jun 15th 2022

What a great product. Use it for every bbq. When I moved to Utah I made sure to bring plenty with me. The people here say it is the best bbq they have ever had. Even ordered the pinquito beans for them. Needless to say they were a big hit. Now if you could just get this in the Costco up here. Luckily I come home to Santa Maria often and buy it every time. Well done

Written by Yvette Dahlhoff on Jun 15th 2022

I grew up in Santa Maria and I grew up with Susie Q. Now I live in the Central Valley, and I make sure I buy a case of this seasoning when I visit family, so I always have it on hand. I have turned my friends onto this, and they always ask for more when they run out. Reluctantly, I give it away. ;) This seasoning is great on ANYTHING! Meats, chicken, veggies, popcorn, the list goes on and on. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Mark on Jun 15th 2022

OMG, this stuff is so good - we use it every day.. It's Great on absolutely everything!

Perfect on EVERYTHING!
Written by Sonya Curl on Jun 15th 2022

We have been buying Susie Q's for over 20 years... We use it daily on our burgers and grilled chicken, and those who know put it on their fries! But where it really shines is when we use it as a dry rub on our slow roasted tri-tip! And the pan drippings make the best au jus. People often ask what make our burgers so good and we tell them they are angus beef and our secret seasoning! And awesome customer service as well. Our orders have always been so easy to place and quick turn around on delivery! As long as we are open for business, we will have the OG seasoning on the shelf!

Written by Terre Groth on Jun 15th 2022

I have been buying this seasoning for over 40 years. Before it was called Susie Q's, I believe it was just called Santa Maria. My father in law use to use it all the time and introduces us to it. Hands down the best seasoning!

Great Seasoning
Written by Darren on Jun 15th 2022

Best Santa Maria seasoning you can buy !

Best seasoning out there
Written by Lisa Guinn on Jun 14th 2022

My husband and I use SusieQ’s for everything. My husband makes the best deep pit with your seasoning. We share our favorite seasoning with our family and friends. We never cook without it.

Simply the best!
Written by Hillary Gomez on Jun 14th 2022

This seasoning has become our go to seasoning, not just for grilling meat, but in salads, on veggies, in multiple marinades, in scrambled eggs…the seasoning is so versatile and tastes great. So great that when people ask what seasonings I used, I say it’s a family secret! Santa Maria Seasoning is simply the best!

A must-have for every kitchen!
Written by Cynthia Frasco on Jun 14th 2022

My family has been enjoying Susie Q's for many years. I have already received a request from my sister in Texas for a Susie Q Original Seasoning stocking stuffer this Christmas! It is always fresh, it has the perfect balance of seasoning and great on so many things. Thank you Susie Q!!

A Must with every sale
Written by G Knopik on Jun 14th 2022

We are a private all natural Angus beef producer in North Dakota. With each whole beef we sell we include a bottle of the Original Santa Maria seasoning as a gift. It compliments our grass fed burger perfectly and we always have happy return clients. I should probably reach out for a bulk price. Thank you for a great product and also your free shipping sales. G Knopik Halliday ND

The best seasoning ever
Written by Debby White on Jun 14th 2022

I have been using Susie Q Santa Maria Seasoning for years. I literally put it on everything. I am well known for my Ceasar bloody Mary's that I couldn't make without this Seasoning. I buy it for my family and friends every year for Christmas gifts and they all love it! I'm so glad I found it. There is no other Seasoning like it!! Best ever hands down!

From one state to another
Written by Erin on Jun 14th 2022

I used to be able to find this seasoning in stores where I lived previously... When I moved, I ordered it online because it's THAT good! Hamburgers, steaks, chicken, vegetables...I use it for everything!

Written by John A, SM Native on Jun 14th 2022

Suzie Qs is the go to seasoning for everything from scrambled eggs to chicken to Tri Tip. Don't bother with anything else, just buy Suzie Qs!

Best seasoning ever!
Written by Dan McMahon on Jun 14th 2022

I’ve been using the Santa Maria seasoning for over 20 years and it’s still my favorite. I literally use it for everything from steak to vegetables to fish and beyond. I always have an extra bottle in the house to give to someone who tries it for the first time and loves it like me.

Best Ever!
Written by C Wise on Jun 14th 2022

Been using this product for years. My husbands family is from the Santa Maria area and they have been using Santa Maria seasoning for many many years, and my family in Oregon is using Santa Maria seasoning too. We love it

By far the best
Written by Gary Myers on Jun 14th 2022

I always have this seasoning on hand whether it is in the cabinat at home or with me backpacking in the mountains. Nothing comes even close to it. I usually order a replacement when the container hits half full. I even keep it with me in my desk drawer at work.

Santa Maria Spice
Written by Owen thomas on Jun 14th 2022

Been using Susie Q for many years since we lived in Buellton. It's the ONLY Santa Maria spice we use on Tri-Tip. We also use it on almost everything. We buy the large bottles so we can supple our family & friends'. Great spices!

Written by richard birkett on Jun 14th 2022

We started to use this as a dry rub, and then later combined it with Worcestershire sauce on Tri Tip. We graduated to use with Cabernet Sauvignon as a marinade. Susie Q's Seasoning has the flexibility for dry rub or marinade, with a variety of meats. Whether it's beef, chicken, or pork, this is our first choice!

Best seasoning ever
Written by Sandra Simmons on Jun 14th 2022

I have used Susie Q original seasoning for over 25 year. I use it meatloaf, egg salad, tri tip, prime rib, soups, grilled vegetables, chicken salad there isn't anything that this seasoning doesn't make better. Love it

Secret to my Success
Written by Steve Emler on Jun 14th 2022

I’ve used this seasoning for years, I call it my secret weapon. I put it in everything from grilled vegetable’s to Tri-Tip to Spaghetti. I always get asked why everything I cook always taste’s so good and this seasoning is the reason. I can’t recommend this product enough, buy some and you won’t be disappointed.

Santa Maria seasoning
Written by Norman Oilar on Jun 14th 2022

BBQ barrel favorite for Beef Tri tip & chicken halves. We've cooked for many an occasion with this seasoning as a crowd pleaser. Used on a weekly basis at home grilling. Thanks for the great seasoning!

Bulk Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by shannon siddall on Jun 14th 2022

I lived in California my whole life and left 14 years ago I have used this product for years now I'm in Arkansas and i have turned my whole family onto this Santa Maria seasoning we order in bulk to share we just love this seasoning

SusieQ seasoning
Written by Danny on Jun 14th 2022

We have used susieQ seasoning for over 20 years we love it and tell others about it. We use it on all types of meat even when we smoke meat. We give people samples of ours and then tell them how to order more. You will not be disappointed using Susie Q

Absolutely the Best
Written by James Duke on Jun 14th 2022

My wife and I are long haul truckers from Jacksonville Beach, Fl and before we retired of 30 years on the road we were in the Santa Maria area weekly during the produce season. We soon fell in love with the steak restaurants in the area and soon locked in to the steak seasoning. We are NEVER without it for our grilling steaks and burgers and stews. This is hands down the best of all choices available. We also use the bean seasoning in all the dry beans we cook. Thanks for your product.

There is nothing like this seasoning
Written by Shelly Elderdice on Jun 14th 2022

My mom gave me my first bottle of Santa Maria seasoning after visiting her one year. She puts it on all of her fresh veggies straight from the garden and cooks all her food with it. I have been hooked ever since. I use it on everything. My two favorites are sliced cucumbers and chicken breast with fresh squeezed lemon and Santa Maria seasoning. Cook the chicken on convection setting and it’s so yummy and tender. Every year when she comes to visit the first surprise out of her suitcase is a brand new bottle of Santa Maria. It’s nice to have a all in one seasoning less containers in your pantry. Thank you Santa Maria

Everything you need…
Written by Jesica Ruz on Jun 13th 2022

No matter where I am in the world, I always bring my SusieQ with me and put my friends onto it to enjoy. There is no need for a cabinet full of spices when you have this blend because it is subtle and gentle enough for any dish. I cannot recommend this brand more and will always support it so it stays around forever!!

Susie Q Original seasoning
Written by Debra Fewkes on Jun 13th 2022

The best seasoning we have ever found. Can be used on al types of meats, vegetables, salads, and more. We have made the home football games concession stand and food the best ever with this seasoning. Teams from everywhere say our hamburgers are the best all around!

My Secret Ingredient
Written by Jacob on Jun 13th 2022

Santa Maria Seasoning is the best. I keep finding more and more ways to incorporate it in my recipes, and dishes. It’s odd though that it’s the one ingredient I keep forgetting to mention when someone says “you have got to give me the recipe..”

Love This Seasoning!
Written by Lois M. Gardner on Jun 13th 2022

I have been using this Seasoning for years while I was in Southern California! Now, that I have been here in Michigan for 9 years, I'm happy that I can still order it online! I use it in my meatloaf recipe, eggs and of course on steaks and hamburgers. It's yummy!

Written by Laura on Jun 13th 2022

I have been using this seasoning going on four decades. Use it on virtually everything and even have it in my vacation ‘to-go’ bag. Love, love, love.

Written by David Oertle on Jun 13th 2022

Susie's Santa Maria seasoning is one of our go to spices for that authentic Santa Maria flavor. Works great on beef chicken and pork, adds just the right amount of flavor without being overbearing. This is the real deal!

Best seasoning ever
Written by Gabriela Arguello on Jun 13th 2022

Got this seasoning while visiting family in Santa Maria, about 10 years ago, since them is the only one me and my girls used, we used in all meats and veggies. Is great.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Todd Scott on Jun 13th 2022

I was introduced to this seasoning by a friend several years ago, and it's virtually all I use now. It's great on beef, chicken, and fish, and it has replaced almost every seasoning I used to use.

The Best
Written by Brooke on Jun 13th 2022

We were introduced to this seasoning by our friends from California (close to the Santa Maria area) and from that moment on, we were hooked. We order this seasoning regularly and use it on EVERYTHING, there really isn't anything it isn't delicious on.

Flavor of Susie Q brand seasoning
Written by Brian S on Jun 13th 2022

I was first introduced to Susie Q brand about 12 years old by my uncle Pete who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve been using it since that day on almost everything. My family and friends absolutely love the flavor that it gives too what ever you add it to. For a seasoning it can’t be beat

Santa Maria Style Seasoning
Written by Angelina Gomez on Jun 13th 2022

I grew up in Santa Maria. When I moved back to Santa Ana in 1979. no one knew what Santa Maria Style BBQ was. We had to keep traveling back to Santa Maria for our BBQ fix. My entire family cooks all our meats with this seasoning. IT IS THE BEST!!! WE LOVE IT!!! ❤️

Best seasoning ever!
Written by Cindy Gaskin on Jun 13th 2022

I remember my dad buying this seasoning when I was a kid. I’m almost 50 and it’s still used in my house. I have turned so many friends onto this seasoning. It’s amazing on everything, but especially air fried chicken wings!! Makes the best gifts

Tri Tip is where it's at!!
Written by Stephanie Jardine on Jun 13th 2022

My husband is from California (we live in Arkansas) and this seasoning is LITERALLY the only thing we put on our Trip Tip!! There is nothing like this seasoning! I make sure we never run out!! Tri Tip is huge in my family and this seasoning makes it absolutely the best ever. We can not have it without this seasoning!! Totally worth having to order it!!

The best seasoning ever!!!
Written by Donn on Jun 13th 2022

This stuff is awesome!!! I use it on pork, chicken, and some veggies and always get huge compliments on my cooking. I have used it on beef with success but I prefer something a little more bold for beef. Still great though. Try it and you won’t regret it!!

Written by VAL on Jun 13th 2022

I've been using Susie Q original seasoning for 5 years when we lived in Santa Maria. We left Santa Maria 11 years ago but still orders the seasonings on line. I use it for grilling meats and seafood and sprinkle them on fried seafoods. Guests often ask me what seasoning I have been using. I also buy this seasoning for friends and relatives, they love it--great gifts.

Everything Seasoning
Written by Julie Lydick on Jun 13th 2022

I use this on tri tip, salmon, grilled vegetables and salads. My go to seasoning.

The best seasonings… ever
Written by Ed Rubash on Jun 13th 2022

This is the BEST seasoning ever!! We have used this for over 20 years… yes 20+ years! It’s the ONLY thing we use. My husband is know near and far for his special salad. The secret? This seasoning! Not only are the products wonderful, but the customer service is outstanding!! Do it! Get some! NOW!!!!

Only seasoning I use
Written by Anna Gheen on Jun 13th 2022

This is the only seasoning I use. My grandkids will eat just about anything if I put this on it.

Best and Only
Written by Dannette Garcia on Jun 13th 2022

My husband and I have bought this product for years! When we kept running out rather than run to the store I discovered SusieQ’s site and bout the biggest jar I could find!! We have turned our kids on to this seasoning, our parents and everyone we know! We use it for everything, to season any and all meats, veggies and eggs, it’s delicious on everything! You can’t go wrong with this seasoning! We don’t buy anything else, it has the perfect blend of what we like. Thanks SusieQ!!!

The Joy of Seasoning
Written by Shari Mann on Jun 13th 2022

What would we all do without our well-loved Susie Q? It's always kept on hand, Is everyone's favorite brand Versatile and flavorful Keeps food from being bland We Love Susie Q / Yes we do, yes we do Shari and her Cooking Crew

Original Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Rocky on Jun 13th 2022

Grew up next to Far Western Tavern, went to school with Susie M. When SM seasoning first came out it was like eating at the Far Western every time I used it, especially on tri-tip. Been using it all these years. Since it isn't available here in Oregon, My daughter in San Luis Obispo keeps me supplied by sending "Care Packages" when I'm running low.

Written by Lawrence Zuniga on Jun 13th 2022

Ever since I first tried this season I've been hooked on it. My better half loves and uses this seasoning on all of our meals. It's a must try in my book.

Santa Maria Blue Seasoning
Written by Marjorie on Jun 13th 2022

Can't live without this seasoning! First tried it at a Nor Cal Wedding where the bbq masters told me this stuff was the secret to why everything tasted so great. Once I went home and tried it - I've been touting (and giving as gifts) ever since. Everyone I have told/given it to loves it! Not just on meats - but grilled veggies, omelets, salad dressing, popcorn, and ANY place you'd use salt and pepper. Go big or cry later! It just disappears with so many reasons to use it! Thanks Susie Q - one of life's simple pleasures!

Original Seasoning on Everything
Written by Nola on Jun 13th 2022

We were referred to your seasoning by a restaurant. We had a steak and it was wonderful. My husband asked what they used and they said this. We've been using it regularly ever since! Hamburgers, steaks, london broil, I even tried it on my baked potato. Have told our friends too who have said it's the best steak they have eaten.

Best seasoning ever
Written by Valerie Berrier on Jun 13th 2022

Susie Q’s original Santa Maria style seasoning is the best most versatile seasoning that can be used on almost anything. We use it to season our steaks, tri tips, chicken, veggies and even pasta salad. Once we started using this, we no longer use lawrys seasoning salt or any other seasoning blend because this one is that versatile and that good!!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Carla Lewis on Jun 13th 2022

Santa Maria Seasoning is the only seasoning we use! We lived in Santa Maria for 27 years and have used it as long as I can remember. We continue to order it after we moved to SoCal. When our new friends taste our bbq they immediately want to know what seasoning we use. We order a lot because we use it on EVERYTHING! It would be easier to list what we don’t use it on. Our favorites are any meat or fish. In addition, we sprinkle on salads, garlic bread, eggs and even roasted potatoes and veggies with olive oil. Susie Q continues making a quality product! Thank you!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Kurt on Jun 13th 2022

We love this seasoning. Its so versatile. I tell people it's good on everything but Cheerios!

Amazing seasoning
Written by Kim on Jun 13th 2022

A friend from California brought Susie Q with us on a vacation in Hawaii where we grilled steaks and artichokes. That was 10 years ago and we are hooked. Cannot find anything here in Florida that compares! We have introduced to other friends who are now believers.

Written by Pearl E Gardner on Jun 13th 2022

These are best seasoning ever i got hooked on 20 plus years ago i buy many bottle a year i love all there stuff you can not go wrong keep up great seasoning you all love you.......

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Sofia Ochoa on Jun 13th 2022

My family and I love to use the regular Santa Maria Seasoning on everything.

Original Seasoning
Written by Bobbie G on Jun 13th 2022

I have been hooked on this seasoning since trying it in 1996. We now live in Central Missouri and everyone we know here loves the seasoning. We know what to get everyone for Christmas!

Written by JD Richardson on Jun 13th 2022

We all know that Santa Maria’s Original seasoning makes meats savory when cooked on the grill, or even in a pan, or broiler. But that’s just the beginning. Try it in mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, pastas, The only limit is your imagination. This is the only seasoning you’ll ever need! Kudos to you! We’ve been using 6 lbs of this per year for years!

Written by Tim Castille on Jun 13th 2022

I’m from Louisiana and lived in Santa Maria for about 5 years and in Calif for 26yrs total & had no problem filling my tri-tip needs. But after moving back to Louisiana found they had not heard of tri-tip much less being able to find it! I finally found a friend who works for a national food supply co. who is able to get them for me by the case and I tried unsuccessfully to recreate the seasonings I remembered . But a friend who still resides in Santa Maria suggested SusieQ’s and the rest is history - I have introduced tri-tip to many friends and family who recently have been able to sporadicly find tri-tips but claim theirs didn’t hold a candle to mine. After I finished laughing, I said it was missing the “right” seasoning and gave them some of my SusieQ seasoning along with the website address!!!

Best seasoning ever
Written by Erin on Jun 13th 2022

We have used this product for over 10+ years. We put it on everything, eggs, tri tip, shrimp, mashed potatoes, the list is endless. Thanks for such a great seasoning

Written by Aaron on Jun 13th 2022

Perfect blend of fresh herbs and spices, I always get people asking for my seasonings, I’m always torn on giving them the secret,

Written by Lorinda Graham on Jun 13th 2022

Susie q makes everything taste amazing one of my favs is on a avocado!

The best ever!
Written by Wayne Linney on Jun 13th 2022

I lived in Lompoc for 26 years and am a big fan of Santa Maria Style BBQ and Susie Q seasoning. Although I moved to Florida in 2000, I still use Susie Q on just about everything. I have gifted it to others here and they love it too. I will remain a lifelong customer. PS, I love the Pinquito beans too!

The best Santa Maria seasoning you can buy!
Written by Cass McGuire on Jun 13th 2022

I put this on everything from meats to salads. Everyone asks me what do I put in my shrimp salad to make it taste so good. I always tell them Santa Marias. I even put it in my stuffing for Thanksgiving. It's the best Santa Maria seasoning you can buy!

Santa Maria seasoning
Written by Kathy H on Jun 13th 2022

We were given this seasoning so long ago by our friends. Santa Maria seasoning is in everything, I mean everything we make to eat. Nothing else compares to it. We have given to so many of our friends over the years. And they also keep ordering it. Best for steaks, burgers, stews, soups, pasta, the list is endless. I pref the original but use both blends.

on everything
Written by Renee on Jun 13th 2022

Took this camping with some friends. When they saw me sprinkling it into the scrambled eggs I was cooking, they jokingly asked if there was anything I wouldn't put it in. I said, maybe sweet baked goods? But I don't know. Anyway, after they ate the eggs, they'll never question my susie Q usage again. It's that good.

Best Seasoning Ever
Written by Emma on Jun 13th 2022

I LOVE it!! No better seasoning or customer service

Santa Maria
Written by Tanya Bournique on Jun 13th 2022

I moved out from the central coast 14 years ago. So excited that I can order this. Have ordered it for a few other friends out here and they love it. Bringing a little home BBQ to the Midwest

This is the yummiest Santa Maria seasoning
Written by Pam on Jun 13th 2022

How do I NOT use this product?! It goes good in anything! My favorites are homemade salsa, chicken salad, steak, fish and veggies. When my married kids come home, they always bring their jars with them and we fill them up and they go home happy! We also fill jars for Christmas presents for our neighbors, coworkers, and gift baskets. This is the yummiest seasoning I've ever found!!

Only one seasoning for barbecue!
Written by Bob Sutton on Jun 13th 2022

Santa Maria style seasoning makes California one of the best barbecue additions to any meat and will compete with any other states famous barbecue. My favorite meat to use it on is Tritip, there is no better taste in the world.

Susie Q's Seasoning
Written by Dolly on Jun 13th 2022

I was first introduced to Susie Q's Seasoning when visiting family in California where they served the most delicious tri-tip roast. They treated me to a complimentary jar and I have been buying it ever since and use it on everything from meats and vegetables to salads. I in turn have introduced it to several family members and friends who now use it on everything. We can't get enough of it. Thank you, Susie Q.

Best Consistent Quality
Written by Bobbie Adams on Jun 13th 2022

I was raised on the Central Coast of California. SuzyQ was the only brand we all trusted for bbq’s & cooking.

Written by Kim lennon on Jun 13th 2022

I have been using this seasoning now for a couple of years I love it especially on ribs slow cooked also tried the pinto beans I used them for soup and they are delicious I recommend these products

Written by Erin Austin on Jun 13th 2022

I literally use this seasoning on everything I cook--tomatoes, steak, chicken, fish, grilled cheese, grilled veggies, baked veggies--literally everything! The flavor compliments everything this fairy dust touches. Friends always ask what I use and don't believe it's just one product! Signing off with a **chef's kiss**, -E

Goes With Everything!!
Written by J Myers on Jun 13th 2022

My husband and kids use this seasoning for everything! We love it so much. In fact, it’s time to reorder!!

Original SM Style Seasoning
Written by M Howell on Jun 13th 2022

It doesn’t get any better when it comes to Susie Q’s original Santa Maria Style Seasoning. Barbecue Tri-Tip paired with this seasoning yields mouth-watering tasty goodness…..! It’s simply the best…..!

Written by Art on Jun 13th 2022

I grew up partly in Santa Maria and then outside of Lompoc. Raised eating tri-tip with various tweaked recipes, some better than others. Susie-Q's has been the best and so convenient to order. I've been down south for awhile now and have cooked at several company events. My tagline has been - "Santa Maria style BBQ, changing southern style BBQ one cookout at a time." It's always a hit and no leftovers (good sign).

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Greg on Jun 13th 2022

I use many seasonings down here in Louisiana. This seasoning is one of my favorites and I use it daily on almost everything!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Ben M Swenson on Jun 13th 2022

I got turned onto this at a restaurant in Santa Maria several years ago and it has been a staple in my house ever since. We use it on about everything but it is especially amazing on burgers.

Favorite seasoning
Written by Nicole Aker on Jun 13th 2022

This is the #1 seasoning we use on EVERYTHING, so much so that even living in Italy for 3 yrs and now TX, we special order this specific seasoning all the time! I have even given it away as gifts to people!

Flavorful seasoning
Written by Yvette on Jun 13th 2022

I've been using Susie Q's original seasoning for over 5 years. It's hard to find in stores here in San Diego so I always make sure I order a bunch online and stock up. This is the only seasoning I use on our tri tips, other meats and veges. We always get great compliments on the taste of our food when using Susie Q's seasoning.

Love the seasoning and the restaurant!
Written by Jeannie Hobson on Jun 13th 2022

I am a long time patron of the Far Western Tavern. Grew up in Santa Maria - went to High School there. Many of my favorite memories are of my meals at the old Far Western in Guadalupe. It's nice that the same great meal is still available at the new one - always make time to come when in the area, The original seasoning is our go to for everything - tri-tip, eggs, pork - you name it. I do buy on line now but try to get over to enjoy the restaurant frequently.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by James Ransome on Jun 13th 2022

I have been using this ever since it came out, even took some to Texas and was doing a bbq for 40 people, pork ribs, I could only do 2 racks at a time, some men came over and said where is the sauce, they sauce everything in Texas, I said just try my way with some Santa maria Seasoning and if you dont like it I will find some sauce for the rest, that was 10 years ago and to this day every Christmas I send this seasoning to 10 different families in Texas, they now know my saying, BBQ sauce is for folks that can't cook, Thank you for helping me convert Texans

SM Valley Style Seasoning
Written by JIM martin on Jun 13th 2022

It's just magic, we put your seasoning on almost everything, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Potatoes, Eggs, Asparagus and even salads. I'm always refilling the Stainless Steel shaker from the 6.5 lb. jar so I know everyone in the family is using it for something besides what the chief cook uses it for at meal time. Of course, everyone in our extended family has also tried a sandwich bag sample and I think they all have ordered their own by now. Used to be able to find it locally but purchasing directly from Susie Q is the most efficient and timely way to keep it on hand considering the free shipping.

Seasoning for Tri-Tip
Written by Bill H. on Jun 13th 2022

This is the BEST seasoning for BBQ Tri-Tip. My friends also love this seasoning and recently we enjoyed it on BBQ shrimp . Yes, feel free to put it on thick because it tastes great. Enjoy!

Written by GG on Jun 13th 2022

I’ve been using this seasoning for 5 years and it’s my go to I always have it stocked and can’t cook without it!!!!! Everyone needs it in their cabinet!!!!! Love you Susie Q!!!

We use it on everything!
Written by Thomas Klosky on Jun 13th 2022

My wife uses this seasoning on absolutely everything that she cooks, even eggs!

Written by Jan Terzian on Jun 13th 2022

My cousin from Shandon turned me on to SusieQ. It is essential to my quiche recipe: 4 eggs, 1 cup shredded Swiss cheese, 1 cup half and half, teaspoon of nutmeg, then at least half a tablespoon of SusieQ. Then I add leftovers, mix, and pour into a Pillsbury crust...It's always good.

Best Go-To Seasoning
Written by Alisha Tardif on Jun 13th 2022

I highly recommend this for any meat product. This all in one seasoning is amazing on beef or chicken or veggies! Our family only uses this!!!

Original Santa Maria seasoning
Written by Karen Calvaruzo on Jun 13th 2022

I have been using the original Santa Maria seasoning for over 20 years now. I started out using it on a tri tip barbeque and feel in love with it. I use it on absolutely everything, soups, salad, sauces, barbeque, etc. It is a staple in my cupboard and I make sure I never run out. I love Susie Q's and have spread the word to everyone I know

Best seasoning ever
Written by Riley on Jun 13th 2022

I buy this in bulk and give it out to our families. I bring it with me everywhere I go in a little carry with me size spice jar. Loyal customer for 10+ years.

Written by Kevin Bell on Jun 13th 2022

Fantastic flavor! I've been a fan ever since I had one of the best steaks I've ever had - at The Far West Tavern in Guadalupe. I now use it on pork ribs and chops, and it makes a great breakfast seasoning as well.

Best seasoning
Written by Tracy Aparicio on Jun 13th 2022

This is by far the best seasoning for any meat. I use it in everything. I get so many comments on my cooking and I know it is because of the seasoning.

Everything from eggs to rib eyes.
Written by Tom Guglielmana on Jun 13th 2022

Best Santa Maria seasoning you can buy. I use this on everything from eggs to rib eyes.

Susieq seasoning
Written by Karl Van Norman on Jun 13th 2022

The best seasoning that there is. Awesome on everything!

Susie Q original
Written by Steve on Jun 13th 2022

After discovering the Santa Maria style BBQ in the 1980's with the tri tip and half chickens slow roasted over red oak with the Susie Q seasoning, I was hooked for life! Still lovin' it all these years later and grateful to be able to order it online.

Written by Amanda A Adkins on Jun 13th 2022

I use this on everything... it brings the flavors of no matter what you are cooking upfront. Scrambled eggs with cheese with this seasoning.. you are in for a quick treat!

Most Favorite Seasoning Ever!
Written by Ginger Ensign on Jun 13th 2022

I use Susie Q’s seasoning on all my meat and vegetables for roasting/grilling. Never use anything else. Nothing compares.

Go to Seasoning
Written by James Friedrich on Jun 13th 2022

Susie Q's is a go to seasoning blend that works like magic across all bands of cooking. I use it from the BBQ pit to the oven to the crock pot and it never fails to perform like the champion it is. I send to relatives across the country as gifts because it is a go to life saver in the kitchen.

The best seasoning
Written by Pablo on Jun 13th 2022

I was born and raised in Santa Maria, now live in San Diego. It's always nice to be able to show everybody a pice of my home town with a nice tri tip and the prefect Susie Q's seasoning.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Penny Teschler on Jun 13th 2022

I live in Wisconsin and while visiting my brother in California he turned me on to this seasoning. I love it and have also turned it on to the rest of my family. They now use it and I order for Christmas gifts for them.

Simply the BEST!!
Written by Judy on Jun 13th 2022

A friend brought me back a container over 25 years ago and we are hooked! Steaks, chicken, pork chops - it’s our #1 seasoning. We have shared it with friends who are now hooked. Something so simple that tastes extraordinary!

Best Seasoning
Written by Joann on Jun 13th 2022

We have been using this seasoning for many years and have shared with several friends and family. Just makes everything taste better! Highly recommend!

The best
Written by Charles Isle on Jun 13th 2022

Been a lifelong user! Nothing compares!

addicting stuff
Written by joe on Jun 13th 2022

been a fan for years! i think we're addicted! works great on everything from daily meals to grilling events. highly recommend.

Written by Xochi on Jun 13th 2022

I was introduced to this seasoning by my brother-in-law who lives up in Santa Maria. His BBQ was the most delicious I had ever tasted with his secret seasoning...finally he spilled the beans and showed us that it was Susie Q's original Seasoning...I always have some in my cupboard these days! Makes everything taste better. :)

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Theresa on Jun 13th 2022

One of the best seasonings of all time. I even give it out as birthday and Christmas gifts.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by lori wood on Jun 13th 2022

I use this on almost everything, chicken, burgers, eggs, but my favorite is to marinate tri tip in red wine and when I’m ready to grill, I rub SMS all over it. Fantastic

Garlic salt is like no other!
Written by Alisa F. on Jun 13th 2022

We put this on our ribs as a dry rub. Everyone always raves about it and tells us our ribs are the best they’ve ever had. Wish I could take the credit but SuzieQ deserves all the glory. You need this in your life ;)

Keep up the good work!
Written by Adrian Buie on Jun 13th 2022

We found SusieQ seasoning ~1994 during our 6 yr stint living on the Central Coast (a great time it was!). We returned to NC in '97 but have continued to purchase the original seasoning ever since. Now, 25 yrs after leaving California, we always have friends wanting to know what we season our meats with ... and we drag out the next unopened package of santa maria seasoning to show them ('cause we don't want to run out). Keep up the good work!

Taste from home!
Written by Marcy N. on Jun 13th 2022

I now live in Arizona and love to order Santa Maria Style Seasoning, Pinquito Beans and Red Oak Wood Chips to create authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue here.

Wonderful Seasoning
Written by Jeanette on Jun 13th 2022

I wish I had known about this seasoning long ago. It is my favorite for all things grilled/BBQ. I love that it has the right balance of seasoning and not to much salt. I find that most commercially purchased seasoning have way to much salt, but not Suzie Q's. It is the best tri-tip seasoning that I have ever used. I always have some on hand in my kitchen.

Written by Brian white on Jun 13th 2022

It’s the perfect seasoning for everything I cook!!

Use of Original Seasoning
Written by Judy Riviezzo on Jun 13th 2022

My Aunt Marie brought the original seasoning home after visiting friends in California many years ago. Since then, absolutely everything my family eats has this seasoning from salad to meat to roasted vegetables to tomato-mozzarella-basil bruschetta. "Outsiders" often don't understand why theirs never taste like ours and, honestly, it is all because of Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning. No other brand even compares to the taste or brings out the flavor in anything that it is used on.

Santa Maria seasoning
Written by April Hoy on Jun 13th 2022

This is our go to seasoning from chicken to pork to beef and to salads this is a must have in everyone’s seasoning cabinet. Makes all my cooking and bbqs taste amazing! If you haven’t tried it, you must!! You’ll be absolutely impressed and it’ll be your number 1 and must go to seasoning!!!

Staple in pantry
Written by N Davis on Jun 13th 2022

This is our go-to. We put this on everything. So good. Reminds us of our time in the CA coast and the wonderful cuisine. We buy this for everyone as a house warming gift or for any aspiring chef…and it’s highly revered! They always want to know where to buy it! Love Susie Q!

Original SM Style Seasoning
Written by Evan Degenfelder on Jun 13th 2022

We've been long time fans of Susie Q's Santa Maria Style seasonings. A very long time-- 1982! We were introduced to the concept of a "Santa Maria Style BBQ" while living in Santa Maria and working at VAFB. John and I both worked for USBI (United Space Boosters, Inc) he as an engineer and I as a graphic artist/illustrator. When we found out how to make the best, most juicy, mouthwatering Tri-Tip on the planet, we were hooked. Now living in Oregon, we still host a Santa Maria Style BBQ at least twice a year for family and friends during the summer months!

Yummy Taters!
Written by John S on Jun 13th 2022

I don't remember how I came across this product, but I sure am glad I did. I use it on potato chunks, coated with olive oil then liberally apply this wonder powder, roast and gobble. The family asks for it all the time. I had to purchase the mega tub to keep up. And I've had to share it with friends too!

Best Seasoning Ever
Written by Brian Borcher on Jun 13th 2022

My family and I have been using the Susie q brand since it was released. It is hard to believe, however this seasoning is the pinnacle of crafting the best California BBQ taste! Don't believe me? Then try it yourself, the brilliant garlic herbs and salt perfect mixture is near impossible to replicate. I will never drop below 2 pounds of this seasoning! Try it! You will never regret this decision!

Best Seasoning Ever
Written by Erica on Jun 13th 2022

We moved from California over 13 years ago and we still purchase this seasoning and put it on everything. We love it on steak but chicken and pork steaks are delicious too. We have even passed some on to friends who now purchase annually for their grilling needs too. Such a great blend, we even love it on our hash browns. Always in our spice drawer.

Best seasoning for Tri Tip
Written by Tyler Pulsipher on Jun 13th 2022

I have been using Susie Q's for over 20 years and it never ceases to be amazing. I use it for Tri-Tip, burgers, chicken. Anyone that has it is absolutely blown away.

My Go-To Seasoning
Written by Paula on Jun 13th 2022

I love this seasoning and use it on my eggs, veggies and meats. I buy in bulk and give it to all my family.

Popcorn Too
Written by BT on Sep 12th 2020

This seasoning goes great on popcorn.

Susie Q Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Shana Smith on Apr 25th 2019

I grew up in Santa Maria but now live in Wisconsin. I absolutely love this Santa Maria seasoning and I'm so glad I can bring a little bit of Santa Maria here.

Susie Q Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Laura on Feb 15th 2019

This is the only santa maria seasoning that I use. In fact, it is pretty much the only seasoning I use on almost any meat. So delicious without being overly salty.

Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasonings
Written by Bill Springston on Nov 15th 2018

We have many seasonings in our collection but, our go to seasoning has been SUSIE Q’s Santa Maria Seasoning for more than twenty years.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Jeff Cronin on Nov 8th 2018

Still my favorite go to seasoning!

Written by Donna Lord on Oct 25th 2018

Best Santa Maria seasoning you can buy !!!

The BEST Santa Maria Style BBQ Seasoning
Written by C.C. on Jul 30th 2018

Tritip steaks are good, but tritip rub with this seasoning is great!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Janet R. on Jul 27th 2018

Reminds me of BBQ growing up on the Central Coast. Susie Q's was always on hand! So glad it find it available online and the same as I remembered!

Best all purpose seasoning!
Written by Alex V. on May 3rd 2018

I know this is suppose to be a tritip rub, but this is by far the best all purpose seasoning. My family uses it on all meats and even vegitables. My only complaint is the price, but can't find anything better out there.

Susie Q Seasoning
Written by Dan Sorensen on Mar 24th 2018

Introduced to Susie Q by a friend in Arizona. I placed my order as soon as I got back to Nebraska it's the best use it on fish, chicken and beef. Wish I could get it locally, but will place another order before my supply runs out.

Best Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Jose Velasquez on Mar 19th 2018

Santa Maria seasoning is the best. I've used it for years on beef brisket and tri tip. Simple seasoning but provides exceptional flavor through and through.

Love this Santa Maria seasoning!
Written by Christina on Mar 1st 2018

We have been ordering this Santa Maria seasoning for years now! Love it! We use it for beef pork and chicken. The best flavor!

Santa Maria Seasoning - Great Stuff!
Written by Shari Mann on Feb 16th 2018

This is great stuff!

Santa Maria Style Seasoning
Written by Lynda on Feb 9th 2018

Absolutely LOVE this product and have used it for years!

Crowd Pleaser
Written by South Butte Slim on Feb 4th 2018

I've cooked hundreds of pounds of chicken and tri-tip with the Susie Q seasoning. No matter the audience it is always a crowd pleaser. The best meat seasoning ever and a great base layer for any meat.

Susie Q brand seasoning
Written by Nicole Orfanos on Feb 2nd 2018

I love this stuff!! We put Susie Q on everything from sandwiches to meatloaf! The best on the market!

Susie Q Original Seasoning
Written by C. Carson on Jan 26th 2018

Have used it for years and still love it. SO easy when you don't have to use different seasonings when you can have it all in one and use only a couple other seasonings. GREAT product that I have passed on to my children.

Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning
Written by Tabbatha on Dec 26th 2017

This seasoning is the best!!!! I love it and use it on everything. I'm now a lifetime customer.

Santa Maria Style Seasoning- Blue Label
Written by Ed on Dec 21st 2017

We use this seasoning almost daily. It complements just about every type of meat and vegetable we use, as well as eggs, salads, you name it. One of my personal favorites is Susie Q's on cottage cheese!!

Santa Maria Seasoning Review
Written by Jesus on Dec 14th 2017

Best seasoning combo on the market

Seasoning for Everything
Written by Lynsey on Nov 16th 2017

Such a huge fan of Susie Q Santa Maria seasoning. It goes well with everything and just a little goes a long way. Couldn't do without it!

Susie Q's Original Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Patricia Vaca on Nov 3rd 2017

I love this stuff. I use it on everything. It's my go to seasoning.

best tri tip seasoning
Written by Dave P on Oct 28th 2017

this is the best tri tip seasoning but also tastes great on all meats and fish

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Scott on Oct 23rd 2017

Have been using Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning for years.. great on steaks. good on pork and chicken also. Even use it on asparagus and broccoli. Love this stuff. Thanks.

Like a great song...
Written by Jim Brown on Oct 22nd 2017

I, like you, have tried many seasonings. Most ingredients are basically the same. However, Susie Q's is a perfect combination that just simply hits the mark. Like a great song of melody and lyrics, this seasoning is my all time favorite!! Purchased for myself and gave to friends. Perfection...

Santa Maria BBQ Seasoning
Written by Lou on Oct 2nd 2017

While in the Air Force, my family and I spend numerous years in central California and fell-in-love with the Santa Maria BBQ. Now retired in Texas, I manage to find Tri-Tip but not the "right seasoning" until now. This Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning is the very best not only for Tri-Tip but also for any beef, poultry, or veggies you grill/cook. Awesome seasoning and I will not use any other.

SM Seasoning
Written by Paula Getzelman on Sep 22nd 2017

This Santa Maria Style Seasoning is great on so many foods........keep it coming!

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Judy on Sep 15th 2017

Great flavor! I've used it on fish, meat and chicken and receive a lot of compliments.

Best Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Rose jones on Sep 10th 2017

Great product good for grilled veggies and meats

Santa Maria Seasoning Review
Written by Linda Gromov on Aug 5th 2017

Wonderful flavor, perfect every time. Have used this Santa Maria Seasoning for over 20 years.

Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Martha on Jul 21st 2017

Our family has used this seasoning for years. Our BBQ's are not BBQ's unless we have this seasoning. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish and veggies they are all more tasty with Susie Q's

Best seasoning ever!
Written by D F W on Jul 19th 2017

Since trying Santa Maria seasoning many, many years ago, I haven't come across anything close to this!

Original Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Tiffany Burnam on Jul 9th 2017

We love this seasoning everything from eggs to fish and in between. It has become our go-to spice for cooking!

All Purpose Santa Maria Style Seasoning
Written by Kevin Thomas Bell on Jun 10th 2017

We have loved this santa maria style seasoning for many years. It's very versatile - not just for steaks.

Best seasoning by far! The best
Written by Sam on May 22nd 2017

A friend bought me the small bottle to try. I went through it in no time i put it on everything. Best seasoning ever i recommend it to everyone!

Blue Label for Blue Ribbon
Written by John Brown on May 13th 2017

Been using this seasoning for years. First found it in Costco and searching for another place to buy it. Found it on line and recently used it on BBQ fish, BBQ shrimp, and asparagus with great results. Now testing the pink label Santa Maria seasoning.

Best all around seasoning
Written by Holly on Apr 18th 2017

I still haven't found anything this is NOT good on. I just wish I could find this in one of my local grocery stores.

Taste of Home
Written by Carrie on Apr 26th 2016

For years my parents have been shipping loads of this seasoning to me everywhere I have gone. I love the taste of home and so does my company. We love it on everything

Written by Velma Payne on Apr 21st 2016

I grew up in Santa Maria and have missed these flavors. This will be a standard seasoning in my home and will be ordering again.

Goes great on everything. I have been using this product for years.
Written by undefined on Apr 14th 2016

Goes great on everything. I have been using this product for years. I like to BBQ and smoke a lot. Great on fish also.

Love Susie Q
Written by undefined on Apr 9th 2016

Just started using this seasoning and I love it on meat and vegetables!

The very best!!!
Written by undefined on Apr 7th 2016

This seasoning makes everything taste wonderful!!!

Nothing but the Best!
Written by james hill on Apr 7th 2016

Primarily used for tri-tip, but is good on anything!

Written by undefined on Apr 4th 2016

Best seasoning I've ever tried. I always reorder when I get low on the product

All around good
Written by undefined on Mar 25th 2016

I was introduced to Santa Maria by a friend. It is not sold where I live unfortunately. I find it to be the best seasoning all around for cooking and grilling.

Like taking a trip back to the Central Coast!
Written by Hal on Mar 25th 2016

When I moved from SLO to Wisconsin, I brought a half-jar of Suzie Q's Santa Maria seasoning with me. It ran out way too soon! When I finally thought to search online, I saw that the label had changed - but when I got the goods, the case was the still the same. LOVE this stuff; it's good on EVERYTHING.

Awesome Seasoning
Written by B on Mar 25th 2016

I have been buying this seasoning for years and it is my favorite for steaks and tri-tip. When I smoke up a tri-tip up with this seasoning all my friends and family cannot get enough. Great product and fast shipping.

Love Susie Q
Written by Lynn Ann on Mar 24th 2016

We use Susie Q seasoning (aka 'Santa Maria spice') on or in virtually everything we cook! We absolutely love it!

The Best
Written by Patty Cutting on Mar 24th 2016

Love your products

Sensational Susie Q
Written by JoBetsy on Mar 22nd 2016

I was turned on to this seasoning a few years ago and haven't stopped buying it since. I use it on everything from potatoes, to meat, to the most amazing fish. Susie Q's has really SPICED up my cooking!!

Great Dryrub for Pork Spareribs
Written by Alex on Mar 21st 2016

I've used Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning for years on everything from veggies to meats (fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork, shrimp, lobster, etc.) you name it, it goes great. I love to BBQ and use the Original Santa Maria seasoning on pork spare ribs. I have been getting complements by the boatload on how I make the best BBQ people have every tried. It's all Suzie Q's Santa Maria. I like to pat dry the ribs the day before and rub with olive oil, fresh crushed garlic and a ton of Santa Maria seasoning. I marinade the ribs over night and smoke them the next day over hickory wood. It's a technique that is sure to please. My only gripe is that they don't sell the 6.5lbs container anymore and the the larger container went from 24oz to 22oz and the price went up. They should ship the product for free like most other online retailer as shipping cost are minimal and markup is high. Overall, its worth the price, I just wish you got a little more and that shipping was free!

Awsome spices
Written by Kaleen on Mar 17th 2016

We love the Santa Maria Seasoning and use it on everything from eggs, to soups and meats. I couldn't find it locally so I went directly to the web site. I stock up so I never run out. Outstanding product

# 1
Written by John on Mar 13th 2016

Live in Arizona and use it on all meats and even fish when BBQ Live in a small town and every time I do Ribs at a local bar we sell from 60 to 80 racks because of this seasoning

Best blend of spices ever
Written by K on Feb 25th 2016

I have been consuming this seasoning since I was a small child, due to growing up in the Santa Maria Valley. I've used other seasonings, but in 30 years this seasoning is "hands down" my absolute favorite. It's tremendously wonderful with any type of food your cooking and blends well with everything!!! Thanks Susie Q!

Love, love, love it!
Written by RM on Feb 23rd 2016

Love how the Santa Maria seasoning makes my steak-roast--chicken-pork taste! Add a bit of oak to the fire and --ohhhhhh- is that good!!!

Best Seasoning Ever
Written by DebbE on Feb 20th 2016

We love Susie Q brand of seasoning. We put it on everything and have turned several friends on to it as well.

none better
Written by undefined on Feb 17th 2016

if you are just starting or a refine griller this seasoning is hands down the best,easiest and by far the most versatile there is,great om n beef,pork ,fish and even breakfast eggs

favorite seasoning!
Written by Janie Goldberg on Feb 16th 2016

I have missed not seeing this seasoning at the grocery stores and was so happy to have it shipped! It is the perfect blend of spices and we use it for everything from steaks and chicken to breakfast potatoes! It's the best!

Written by Brenda on Feb 15th 2016

Amazing on all meats and perfect for potatoes for breakfast!

Suzie Q Seasoning
Written by undefined on Feb 13th 2016

Several years ago my husband was in San Diego on a golfing trip. He had the opportunity to taste the Susie Q's Original Seasoning. Loved it so much, we began ordering from you directly since we live in NC. Have given the product to many of our friends as gifts. I now order for them too!!! Just recently ordered more including the large bulk.

Best seasoning EVER
Written by Rick on Feb 11th 2016

I lived in Santa Maria in the 90s we moved back east. cant find it here I put it on everything . Just buy it

Can't do without..
Written by Ron Morgan on Feb 10th 2016

I use the Original SuzieQ on grilled salmon several times a week!! Perfect seasoning to bring out the best flavor, and not overwhelm the fish. Love it!!!

Written by undefined on Feb 10th 2016

best all-around spice for a multitude of meats and vegetables--

Best seasoning
Written by Shila Brekke on Feb 8th 2016

I have been using Susie Q seasoning for years. I use it on chicken, beef, pork, soups and stews. As far as we are concerned it is the best seasoning ever.

Good on everything!
Written by Jason Parr on Feb 8th 2016

I was introduced to this seasoning 16 years ago, and have not used anything else since. It has graced meats ranging from homemade hamburgers, buffalo, goat, and chicken. It has livened ip scrambled eggs, and is a regular in our spaghetti sauce.

Love it!
Written by undefined on Feb 6th 2016

This is absolutely the best seasoning ever! I use it on everything. My brother originally bought it for me as a gift and now I find myself giving it out as gifts. I was so happy that I was able to order more online before I ran out and pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my package.

Great on Everything
Written by undefined on Jan 27th 2016

We were introduced to Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning by some friends of ours who are from the Santa Maria, CA area. We couldn't get enough of the flavor and thought it tasted great on EVERYTHING. It is now a staple in our spice cabinet and used just about daily.

We use this all the time
Written by undefined on Jan 25th 2016

We love this seasoning and use it in almost every dish we cook. It is excellent.

Great Seasoning
Written by Marc on Jan 25th 2016

Fantastic on beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetables.

Written by Kathleen on Jan 23rd 2016

This is the best spice ever

Written by Melody on Jan 22nd 2016

This product is awesome. It gives wonderful flavors to your food. It is not just for meat, we put it in our scrambled eggs with cheese amazing.

the VERY best
Written by tammy edwards on Jan 20th 2016

It's completely different from any "garlic salt" I've ever used. So much better. Amazing!

From Cali and brought to the south!!!
Written by India Mesa on Jan 19th 2016

Use this stuff on everything!!!

Original Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning
Written by Rosemary Blevins on Jan 18th 2016

This is the BEST Seasoning that I have ever used. I have been using it for almost 10 years on beef, pork, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc. It is very hard to find in the stores and I am very happy that Susie Q's has it on their website.

Best in The West!
Written by undefined on Jan 15th 2016

I have been using this product for years, it is absolutely the best! In the past I lived in Santa Barbara County and was able to purchase it easily. When I moved out of state, friends always checked before visiting whether I needed Susie Q Seasoning. I have used on beef, chicken and Salmon. Love this stuff!

Love this Stuff
Written by Marianne Armstrong on Jan 12th 2016

I lived in Santa Maria back in 1994 thru 1997 the love going to the topical Santa Maria BBQ on Saturdays in any given parking lot around town. We also bought this seasoning at the local store for our home to use in everything. We moved to Colorado in 97 and have been without it for 18 years. So HAPPY to have this back in my house again. It is without a doubt the most used seasoning in my home for sure.

Love this stuff
Written by Laura S. on Jan 4th 2016

We were introduced to this through my grandfather in-law. I can't seem to use anything else now. It's ruined me for other spices. :)

Best ever!!!
Written by Rashel on Dec 29th 2015

Have been using Suie Q brand spices for years now!!! Love them for everything!!!!

Favorite 20 minute Dinner
Written by Scott & Barb on Dec 29th 2015

Boneless skinless chicken breast, season both sides, fry, cube, throw on top of a salad, dress and mmm!! It's the best!

Written by Joyce Debler on Dec 29th 2015

Santa Maria seasoning is absolutely the best - good on pork, beef, chicken, stews, soups. My daughter brought this seasoning to my attention many years ago and I have used it since. I even put it on prime rib mmmmm delicious!!!

Awsome product
Written by Bob Fewkes on Dec 26th 2015

We use this product on just about everything from meats to salads It is a great table top seasoning also. We use it in home and also our catering business

You Can't Live Without It!
Written by Dr Pamela McE voy on Dec 25th 2015

I lived in Santa Maria for many years and I use the spice continually now that I live in San Diego I can't live without it I've taken it with me to Mexico to Europe and out of Oklahoma and I'm always having to order for everyone else because they say they can't live without it !

Best seasoning
Written by Randy on Dec 25th 2015

Best seasoning I use it on everything

Written by Laura on Dec 24th 2015

I have been using Susieq seasoning for many many many years, and have found nothing else better than it. I have purchased for my family and friends and they also are very pleased!

What? We are out?
Written by undefined on Dec 24th 2015

This seasoning is used almost daily at our house. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its unique blend lends to proteins, vegetables & starch. Less salt with good flavor.

Seasoning for all meats
Written by Jon Simon on Dec 24th 2015

Out of all seasoning I've used Santa Maria is no 1

Best seasoning!!!
Written by Andie on Dec 22nd 2015

I have been using your seasoning for the past 10 years, The only season I use, all of my friends are using it also.

Crack for cooks
Written by srbboo on Dec 22nd 2015

LOVE this stuff. Been using it for 30+ years. Lightly oil chicken breast, season w/ Santa Maria, grill, broil, bake, or Set-It-And-Forget-It. Best chicken ever, and HEALTHY. Also use on tri tip (cook on rotisserie).

Amazing Seasoning!!
Written by Ken Larson on Dec 21st 2015

This stuff gives a former Santa Maria resident a taste of "home". It's good on steak, burgers, chicken, fish, French bread...everything I've used it on.

Awesome Santa Maria Seasoning
Written by Frank Morzenti on Dec 18th 2015

We live in WI and cannot get this seasoning locally. This is the best on tri tip, pork and chicken. Lucky for me I have relatives in CA that discovered this seasoning. Top notch...the best!

the best
Written by Chuck on Dec 18th 2015

I have used for 30 years

Great stuff!
Written by undefined on Dec 17th 2015

Won't cook ANYTHING without having some around in case I need it. I refuse.

Written by ED on Dec 17th 2015


Longing for a taste of home
Written by undefined on Dec 16th 2015

I grew up in the central coast area and missed tbeing able to eat wonderfully seasoned tri-tip. Luckily, I found out Susie-Q sells their seasoning on line. Words can't describe how excited I was! Every time we use the seasoning, I feel that much closer to my home, the central coast.

Best seasoning
Written by Edward on Dec 16th 2015

I season all my meats, chicken, and fish with this seasoning. I season most of my side dishes too. Great to smoked meats.

The Best
Written by Gary on Dec 15th 2015

This is the best seasoning that we have ever had. Love it on our tri-tip. Never use anything else. Thank you.

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