Complete Pinquito Bean Kits

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Pinquito beans - firm, round, pink beans are an essential side dish for Santa Maria Style Barbeque. Our pinquito beans are grown on local farms in the Santa Maria Valley and even on our own nearby family ranch. 

Pinquito Bean Seasoning Included!

The distinctive taste of these versatile beans will add flavor to any meal, especially when prepared with our unique Pinquito bean seasoning - an aromatic blend of mild red chili, onion, garlic and select spices. A packet of the perfect amount of pinquito bean seasoning is included with both our 4oz and 19oz sizes.

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Pinquito beans
Written by Vickie on Jun 27th 2022

We love these little beans. I make them similar to Jocko Beans with bacon, onions, pasilla chili powder, tomato juice, garlic, ground beef and a few other spices. I cook about 3 pounds at a time, freeze them in small packages and my husband takes them to work with him. I also use them in my chili as I don’t like kidney beans or pintos and these are great ! So glad we can get them in Tennessee. One thing we really missed after moving here from the Santa Maria area. Thanks for a great product. Hope you keep producing for years!

Best Beans
Written by Donna on Jun 27th 2022

I send these to family all around the country - love being able to send a little bit of home and have them enjoyed by all. Thanks for a great product!

Written by Linda Hense on Jun 27th 2022

These are awesome beans, flavorful without the seasoning but seasoning take them to a Five Star level.

Written by Lila on Jun 17th 2022

Your beans remind me of many fabulous meals from my Mom and Grandma. Love pinquito beans!!

A hit at every barbecue
Written by Mike Penney on Jun 15th 2022

Used to live in Santa Maria, got hooked on this amazing product and this amazing company. Now I live in the Northwest, I'm so glad I can still get my favorite beans, and my favorite seasoning. They are a hit at every bbq...

Suzie Q Pinquito Bean Kits
Written by John A, SM Native on Jun 14th 2022

These are the most delicious, simple, and proven, great recipe. I just catered a wedding, and served these beans. Everyone loved them! Even adults and children that don't like beans liked these! Went back for seconds!!!!

Bean "Kit"
Written by Suzie Too on Jun 14th 2022

As my name is Suzie, I like to give these cute all-in-one kits as gifts, claiming that the come from "my" bean farm. Everyone loves the easy of preparation and the delicious results.

Best beans ever
Written by Shoaf Jeff on Jun 14th 2022

Love the beans! I put them in the crockpot overnight. Delish the next day!!!!

Bean Sandwich
Written by Clara Kincade on Jun 14th 2022

The pin Quito beans are very delicious cold too. Take about 1/2 cup of cold beans mash them up and mix with desired amount of mayonnaise. Spread on favorite bread or tortillas and enjoy. Our family looks forward to leftover beans every time I cook up a delicious batch of beans.

Pinquito Beans
Written by Jennifer W. on Jun 14th 2022

We moved from the Central Coast over ten years ago and miss the great little bean. Pairs with anything! Happy to be able to order any time I want, for a taste of the Central Coast wherever I roam.

Bean kit
Written by Michelle on Jun 13th 2022

I finally found the beans that are unique, delicious, and a sure hit at any dinner party or BBQ. Thank you!

Pinquito bean kit
Written by David Oertle on Jun 13th 2022

How easy but awesome is this product? Seasoning packet included with the beans. Drop them in a pot of water and simmer for a few hours and you have bean nirvana. Great flavor and texture, the beans stay so firm but not tough. Great kit, you can't go wrong with this! Goes perfectly with Susie's seasoning on any kind of meat!

Pinquito Bean Kit
Written by Alan Marvin on Jun 13th 2022

This kit is a winner!! Years ago I was in Central California and had some pinto beans at a restaurant there. They were so good and had a unique flavor that was new to me. I loved um!! Later I learned of Susie Q's. I bought some on her web page and to my surprise that was the same flavor as I experienced before. I've never been without them since then. They're GREAT!

Thank you
Written by Linda Kessler on Jun 13th 2022

Living out of state, the Susie Q's website site has saved my tastebuds. So tender and soooo tasty

pinquito beans
Written by kristen Miriam clouston on Jun 13th 2022

I have searched to find these beans they are so delicious and now I can make them for myself and family.

Pinquito Beans. So easy. So good.
Written by Jon S. on Sep 10th 2019

Pinquito beans remind me of my childhood living in California. These pinquito bean kits are a foolproof way to make them consistantly perfect. Great idea including the bean seasoning packet right in the bag!

Easy Pinquito Beans!
Written by Allen on Jul 18th 2019

I was looking all over for a simple pinquito bean recipe and discovered these pinquito bean kits. So easy - just add the beans and seasoning packet in a pot (or crock pot) and let simmer for a few hours. Firm and flavorful like I remember them as a kid!

Pinquito beans! Authentic and delicious!
Written by Dan Brown on Feb 19th 2019

Susie Q has always been my go-to for pinquito beans. I got a taste for their pinquito bean seasoning and now they are a perfect pair in my pantry.

So easy. So good.
Written by Kara on Feb 15th 2019

I was searching around to buy pinquito beans online and found these kits, but didn't realize they came with a seasoning packet inside. It was so easy to just stir them all together and simmer for a few hours.

Susie Q's Pinquito Beans Kit
Written by Judy Frazier on Oct 2nd 2017

Good grief, how much easier can this get for a bean lover like me. I usually order several kits at a time because our family loves them. The last batch (serving for 15) I added pork sweet/spicy sausage for a complete meal for 3 people. They were gone the next day.

Perfect Pinquito Beans!
Written by James R. on Aug 4th 2017

Love that Susie Q has put together their pinquito beans and pinquito bean seasoning together in one package. I'm single, so a small pouch is great for a dinner side dish with enough left over for an amazing breakfast concoction. Couldn't be easier to prepare.

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