California Red Oak Chips

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California’s native Red oak is a hardwood that burns slowly and evenly. The aromatic smoke generated by the smoldering chips imparts the distinct character of the terroir of California’s Central Coast; a mellow sweet flavor that is low in tannins. When prepared on a grill, foods barbequed with red oak are quickly seared to seal in the flavorful juices then slow roasted to perfection (medium rare in the case of beef).

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Premium chips, would like more size options
Written by Adam on Apr 17th 2023

This is my first time trying red oak after learning that this is the type of wood my favorite local BBQ joint uses. I've found that it's surprisingly difficult to buy red oak in chip form (which is what I need for my grill). So far, it's my favorite flavor wood! The quality of Susie Q's chips is excellent. There are no tiny pieces/shavings settled at the bottom of the bag like all of my other smoking chips. They are all of relatively uniform size as pictured on the website, which shows that the company is careful to deliver a good product to the customer and not fill the bag with useless pieces to save cost. My only wish is that Susie Q would offer a larger package of these. I ordered the "Large" bag and it's really not very big. Red oak is a mild smoking wood and you need to use a lot of it to get flavor into food, so the bag I ordered isn't going to last very long. It would be nice if I could order a 5-10lb box and use my own container. My only complaint is that I can't buy as much of the product as I'd like to.

Red Oak Chips
Written by Crista Andersen on Jun 15th 2022

Hello! I grew up in Santa Maria and the one thing I miss the most is the BBQ’s down Broadway! They smelled delicious when we would drive up to get chicken or Tri-tip! My Dads favorite restaurant was the Far Western! My Dads employer had company picnics that would showcase the Santa Maria style BBQ!! The beans, garlic bread, corn on the cob and various meat! The Red Oak was the key! Now I order it and use it when I BBQ here at my home in Alaska! I also enjoy the spices and you can’t have anything without the best beans ever!! Tri-tip is our favorite with the Red Oak Chips! I’m so glad I found you guys and I have even sent some to my parents so they can reminisce as well! Thanks for making all of this available!!

Oak Chips
Written by John A. SM Native on Jun 14th 2022

I was born and raised in SM, but live in Washington state now. Suzie Q is my go to for the oak Chips. DON'T BBQ without them. They make all the difference!!!!

California Red Oak Chips
Written by Phyllis Brown on Jun 14th 2022

California Red Oak Chips infuse meats with the most scrumptious flavoring. When California Red Oak Chips are used, the result is amazing flavor and aroma. California Red Oak Chips are absolutely essential for grilling and roasting Santa Maria tri-tip.

Red Oak Wood chips
Written by William Crain on Jun 13th 2022

I am very particular when it comes to grilling Santa Maria style tritip. Putting these red oak chips on my Weber and allowing the flames to kiss the roast leaves a delightful Smokey authentic flavor! These are hard to come by and Susie Q packs a lot of chips in the container.

Red Oak Wood Chips From California
Written by Jane G on Sep 13th 2017

These were a must-have for our Santa Maria BBQ-themed family event in Texas. Huge container of red oak chips!

Just Wish I Ordered A Bigger Bag
Written by Velma Payne on Apr 21st 2016

This was a must to get the true SM Style flavor.

Oak chips
Written by Kathleen on Jan 23rd 2016

The only chips in use when when bbq tried tip

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