California Red Oak Chips

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California’s native Red oak is a hardwood that burns slowly and evenly. The aromatic smoke generated by the smoldering chips imparts the distinct character of the terroir of California’s Central Coast; a mellow sweet flavor that is low in tannins. When prepared on a grill, foods barbequed with red oak are quickly seared to seal in the flavorful juices then slow roasted to perfection (medium rare in the case of beef).

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Red Oak Wood Chips From California
Written by Jane G on Sep 13th 2017

These were a must-have for our Santa Maria BBQ-themed family event in Texas. Huge container of red oak chips!

Just Wish I Ordered A Bigger Bag
Written by Velma Payne on Apr 21st 2016

This was a must to get the true SM Style flavor.

Oak chips
Written by Kathleen on Jan 23rd 2016

The only chips in use when when bbq tried tip

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