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Pinquito Bean Seasoning

Pinquito Bean Seasoning

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The distinctive, unique flavor of pinquito beans make them a delicious dish on their own, and when they’re combined with our unique seasoning, based on one of our favorite family recipes, these beans will turn any meal into an unforgettable Santa Maria style dish.

The perfect combination of spices

Our Pinquito Bean Seasoning is a blend of locally grown red chili, onion and garlic, carefully balanced with an aromatic blend of spices to perfectly complement the distinct flavor of our pinquito beans. Creating a delicious side dish is easy - simply use 3 ounces of pinquito bean seasoning for each pound of dry pinquito beans, add water and simmer for 2-3 hours.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Bailey
Family Favorite for decades

Our family is from the Central Coast and we have been making Susie Q pinquito beans and using seasoning for decades. We tried other brands but always return to Susie Q because they have been quality and consistency in flavor!

awesome beans and seasoning

Fell in love with a local (Idaho) Santa Maria style BBQ and their beans the summer of 2014. The 'BBQ master' was from Santa Maria and wouldn't share his recipe but did tell me about pinquito beans. After searching locally I finally had to order the beans/seasoning mix and very happy I did; finally got the taste I love. Seasoning is great with pinto or black beans and a smoked ham hock also.

Roger P. Mabee
Easy Authentic Beans

Seasoning makes it foolproof. Will go off script and add linguisa or lean ground meat. Good stuff

Just ike the uncles made

Reminds me of the tri-tip and beans the uncles used to make for the 4H groups at the ranch. Have been looking for the right flavor and finally found it. Thank you!