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Susie Q's

Original Santa Maria Style Seasoning

Original Santa Maria Style Seasoning

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There’s a reason this authentic Santa Maria Style Seasoning is our #1 selling product. It’s the essential ingredient for anyone whose passion is regional cooking, as well as a pantry staple that enhances the flavors of almost any food.

Our “blue label” original Susie Q’s Santa Maria Seasoning is a well balanced blend that rounds out on the palate without being salty or strong flavored. We use the highest quality ingredients to craft our seasonings, including California grown garlic, cracked black pepper, the purest earth salts and fresh parsley.


While professional grill masters rely on Susie Q’s for their Santa Maria Tri Tip seasoning, you can use this all-purpose seasoning to transform any savory food into an unforgettable dish. A pinch of seasoning will add a punch of flavor to sauces, soups, pasta and vegetables. Add a sprinkle to liven up butter, cream cheese, sour cream or cottage cheese. Use it as an authentic Santa Maria tri tip rub, but great for grilling, roasting or otherwise cooking any meat, including chicken. Use it instead of salt to create amazing Santa Maria style popcorn for your next movie-night in.

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Customer Reviews

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Karl Van Norman
Susieq seasoning

The best seasoning that there is. Awesome on everything!

Jen Vallejo
All I'll Use!

Susie Q's Santa Maria Blue Label Seasoning is the best. I'm very particular about seasoning and don't like a lot of them but I tried this and now it is all I'll have. It works well on chicken, pork, beef, potatoes, popcorn and even in mac & cheese. We use it when making the meat and sauce for spaghetti too. It's got a nice taste to it, not too spicy but flavorful. My husband may alternate his food with other spices but he too always comes back to Santa Maria Blue Label Seasoning. It's a winner and we've been using it for probably a good 15-20 years at least. You can't go wrong with this seasoning.

Owen thomas
Santa Maria Spice

Been using Susie Q for many years since we lived in Buellton. It's the ONLY Santa Maria spice we use on Tri-Tip. We also use it on almost everything. We buy the large bottles so we can supple our family & friends'. Great spices!

Evan Degenfelder
Original SM Style Seasoning

We've been long time fans of Susie Q's Santa Maria Style seasonings. A very long time-- 1982! We were introduced to the concept of a "Santa Maria Style BBQ" while living in Santa Maria and working at VAFB. John and I both worked for USBI (United Space Boosters, Inc) he as an engineer and I as a graphic artist/illustrator. When we found out how to make the best, most juicy, mouthwatering Tri-Tip on the planet, we were hooked. Now living in Oregon, we still host a Santa Maria Style BBQ at least twice a year for family and friends during the summer months!

Sonya Curl
Perfect on EVERYTHING!

We have been buying Susie Q's for over 20 years...
We use it daily on our burgers and grilled chicken, and those who know put it on their fries! But where it really shines is when we use it as a dry rub on our slow roasted tri-tip! And the pan drippings make the best au jus. People often ask what make our burgers so good and we tell them they are angus beef and our secret seasoning! And awesome customer service as well. Our orders have always been so easy to place and quick turn around on delivery! As long as we are open for business, we will have the OG seasoning on the shelf!