Complete Pinquito Bean Kits

Complete Pinquito Bean Kits

size: 3.50 W × 5.50 H × 1.25 L
product.weight: 4.75 Ounces
Gift Wrapping: Gift Wrapping Available

Pinquito beans - firm, round, pink beans are an essential side dish for Santa Maria Style Barbeque. Our pinquito beans are grown on local farms in the Santa Maria Valley and even on our own nearby family ranch. 

Pinquito Bean Seasoning Included!

The distinctive taste of these versatile beans will add flavor to any meal, especially when prepared with our unique Pinquito bean seasoning - an aromatic blend of mild red chili, onion, garlic and select spices. A packet of the perfect amount of pinquito bean seasoning is included with both our 4oz and 19oz sizes.

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